Patient Testimonials

Some of our patients have shared their experiences with you. We thank them for their willingness to “Show Up” in life and become proactive in their health and well being. Please read their testimonials and if you would like to share your story, please contact us.

What makes Dr. Lawrence different then all the other Chiropractors is his commitment to his patients and the care he provides, I get from him what I need every time I see him.  My game has improved and without a doubt, he is the best Chiropractor in Jerusalem. Come to think of it,  he is the best Chiropractor in Israel.

Prior to chiropractic, I had severe pain in my back and both knees. For a basketball player and athlete, this was not good. I went to Dr. Lawrence and after just a couple of visits the pain in my back and knees was gone.  I have been seeing Dr. Lawrence for nearly 10 months now and my game has never been better.

Being a professional athlete, I have learned that since I have been getting adjusted on a regular basis,  I have increased flexibility and speed. I feel so fortunate to be under Dr. Lawrences’ care. He listens when I voice my concerns and offers guidance and complete explanations to any and all my questions. I have come to learn that the care Dr. Lawrence provides is essential to my health and well being, and because of that, my wife, and my 3 children are all under regular care as well. This really is a Family Wellness Center. Thank you Dr. Lawrence!

Tomer P.

Professional Basketball Player

Dr. Scott always makes me feel warm and welcome when ever I talk with him. He is very knowledgeable about the human body. He also always seems to bring a smile to my face and knows how to light up a room! Go see Dr. Scott now, you won’t be disappointed!

Molly Schulting

We brought our son Atar to Dr. Lawrence because he was having some very intense problems. He was not very happy and was getting in trouble in school with his teachers and his class mates.

The medications he was on were very strong and he was like a zombie at times.

Dr. Lawrence has been so giving and caring and the changes we have witnessed in Atar have been incrediblly apparent, not only to us, but to his school.

We pray that his progress continues and we can continue reducing his medications like we have begun.

We thought that chiropractic was only for bad backs……..Our only regrets is that we did not start 4 years ago with these treatments.

Thank you Dr. Lawrence – we are blessed to now be having our entire family under your care!

Atar N.

This was my first experience with a chiropractor and I was scared and nervous to say the least. Dr. Scott was very pleasant when he explained the process and how the treatment would proceed in a very professional manner. I was skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised with the progress and results between each treatment.

If you like the sound of “cracking”, 🙂 Dr. Scott is the right guy for you.

I would also like to add that the staff (Sara) was very kind and courteous.

Nettis Katz

Hi. My name is Jamie Collins. I have been suffering from lower back problems for over 20 years. Up until now the only relief was getting a voltaren shot twice a year or when my back went out. Since meeting Dr. Scott he has changed my life. I have had only three treatments out of thirty six and I have no pain at all. Ergo, if you have any back/neck/ problems, don’t waste you time and money. I can give you the answer in two words. . . . Dr. Scott.

Jamie Clarkston-Collins

I really enjoyed coming to get adjusted with Dr. Scott. I didn’t know my back could make such loud sounds! I was warmly welcomed every time and there were always nice stories to listen to from the Doctor. By the end of the (roughly) one month, I felt more energized and had better posture. I also managed to get insoles for my shoes since I have flat feet- he knew someone that could make them for me. Overall, I got adjusted in multiple ways: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thank you Dr. Scott!

Lena Linda

I started going to Dr. Scott a few years ago when my back pain wouldn’t ease up, after trying so many different treatments. Dr. Lawrence has really allowed me to maintain my active lifestyle and keep me aligned and in-tune with what my body needs physically and emotionally.

Thanks so much for all the help!

Rachel Koenigson

Vitality by Rachel

My name is Muhammad Alladdin and I have been suffering with Neck, shoulder and radiating arm pain for the past 7 years. I have tried many different things and seen quite a few other doctors but nothing until now has seemed to help me. Out of desperation I decided to try Dr. Lawrence and here I am today feeling GREAT after all this terrible pain. Not only am I feeling amazing physically but also mentally. I suggest that if you are suffering from one of those conditions please consider Dr. Lawrence, he is the man!!

Muhammad Alladdin

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